Brandon Larby (passed 1st time @ Winchester on the 5th March 2015 with 2 driving faults)

"I started learning to drive with Sam at the beginning of last year, when I first started I was a very shy and anxious person but as soon as I got in the car Sam made me feel very welcome and comfortable with her calm and relaxed manner. Sam's teaching methods are top when it comes to catering for the needs of others, Sam has a very calm approach to teaching. I truly recommend learning to drive with Alton Driving School. Sam is an amazing friendly kind and caring individual who was able to help me pass my test first time with only two minors, Sam has come very far to get where she is today with her successful driving school and I am looking forward to do Pass Plus with her very soon.

I hope to stay in contact Sam you have boosted my confidence lots thank you so much and keep up the great work you are truly amazing.x"

 Jake Stoodley (passed 1st time @ Winchester 24/02/2015 with 3 driving faults)

I started driving lessons with Sam in December, and I passed my test in February with only 3 minors with only 20 hours of lessons. I definitely recommend Sam with Alton Driving School as her bubbly personality and highly constructive criticism compliment her wonderful teaching technique! I would like to give her a huge thanks as I doubt I would have passed as quickly and safely without her! :)

Thanks again Sam, and I will be in touch with you about the Pass Plus!

 Tilly Edwards (passed @ Winchester 20/02/2015 with zero driving faults)

"Sam has been a fantastic driving instructor to me. She has really helped me to understand the workings of the car and the laws of driving. What is so nice is how she also helped my older sister to drive before me and hopefully my younger brother now too! I would seriously recommend Sam to anyone, the atmosphere in the car and out the car is comfortable and friendly! She manages to teach you all you need to know as well as throwing in laughter and fun! I am so sad that my lessons are over now I have passed, I have really enjoyed every lesson "

Joanna Avis (passed 1st time @ Winchester 18/09/2014)

Highly recommend Sam to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Her teaching techniques are amazing, she is very calm, supportive and gave me so much confidence in the car. Sams way of explaining things are very effective  and insightful which makes it a lot of fun to learn to drive. I was recommended to her by 3 people who all said that Sam is definitely the best instructor to go with. I can't thank you enough Sam you have been the best! Thank you x 




Morgan Morrissey (passed 1st time @ Winchester 19/08/2014)



"Sam is definitely the instructor to go to! Her teaching methods were extremely helpful and she was also very supportive. Her approach to learning was really friendly which made the lessons very enjoyable and fun. Highly recommend Sam to anyone, she is one of the best! 
Thanks a lot Sam "



Cara Steeden (passed @ Winchester 11/08/2014)


 "Sam was recommended to my mum, at my first lesson at the under 17 driving course she immediately put me at ease and made me feel very relaxed, installing more confidence within me each lesson. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone, she's brilliant!"




 Jack Farr (passed @ Winchester 5/08/2014)

 "I would highly recommend learning to drive with Sam. Her friendly, professional teaching methods definitely helped me pass my test. If anyone was thinking about learning with Sam, Do It! You will not come across anyone better!"







Will Kay (passed @ Winchester 25/07/2014)

Learning to drive with Alton Driving School was enjoyable, infinitely useful, and highly recommendable. Sam is the most supportive instructor I’ve come across, and I would definitely encourage young learners to choose Alton Driving School! The progress of lessons is altered for each student to fit your time frame and the speed at which you improve, which I found to be incredibly helpful. 10/10, overall great experience, and again; highly recommended!!!



Amy Douglas (passed @ Winchester 08/07/2014)
I would highly recommend Sam as a driving instructor as she is extremely helpful and gives fantastic advice when you need it most. Her friendly approach to driving makes lessons really fun and enjoyable which helped to build my confidence. Sam's positive attitude allowed me to stay focused if I was having doubts, which enabled me to progress well! Thanks a million Sam :)


Joe Badham (passed First Time @ Winchester 08/05/2014)

Learning to drive with Sam has been an incredibly enjoyable and enriching experience. Sam's teaching methods are fantastic and incredibly efficient and she has given me a level of confidence in the car that I honestly didn't believe I could achieve. As a result I now feel ready to drive on the road and I certainly have a lot of faith in the training I have had. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone who want's to learn to drive, I certainly feel I made the right decision in choosing Sam. Thank you Sam.


Hannah Fry (passed @ Winchester 25/04/2014)

I have been with Sam since I had some Under 17 driving sessions with her and continued after my 17th birthday. It was important for me to find a driving insructor who I got on with and was happy with. I am incredibly thankful to Sam. Her kind manner in encouraging me to perform at my best and her style of teaching suited me very well. I would highly recommend her!


Will Norgate (passed @ Winchester 26/03/2014)

Hi Sam

Thank you for everything, I really appreciate it, I found learning to drive with you was simple to understand, even though I already could drive you taught me things that I didn't think applied to driving, to which you started from the beginning and taught me everything properly and taught it in a way that I wouldn't forget, coming up to the test you supplied extra help but in a calming attitude.

Hope to see you in the near future

Thanks again

Will Norgate

Dan Harkness (passed @ Winchester 12/02/2014)

Sam was my first choice out of all the driving instructors out there & I definitely made the right choice. I knew Sam as a regular customer, so I knew how polite & bubbly she was. On my first lesson I was very nervous, especially first time sitting in the drivers seat & controlling a car but her calm, talk you through approach helped build confidence rapidly & before you knew it, you were on the road to success. Sam is by far the best driving instructor out there & I highly recommend Sam to anyone wishing to learn to drive. Everyone should have a driving instructor like Sam.

Thank You Sam,
you're the best!! 
Chyne Kerby (passed 1st time @ Basingstoke, 15/5/2013)
I feel that using Alton driving school has helped me a lot to give me the support I needed before taking my test and giving me the knowledge that I needed to know for my test. In using the driving school it has improved my self esteem when driving and making me a more confident driver on the road. 
Melissa Short (passed 1st time @ Winchester, 11/3/2013)
"I chose to learn to drive with Sam because I after reading the other testimonials on the Alton Driving School website, I thought she seemed like a lovely and understand person and an extremely good driving instructor. I was right about this, which was great because at first I was quite a nervous driver. I gained a lot of confidence with my road safety and driving skills and all thanks to Sam, I passed first time. I would recommend Sam as anybody's teacher for whoever is wishing to begin to learn or is going back to driving after a period of time. Thank you so much!"


Megan Lord (passed 1st time @ Winchester, 19/3/2013)

'Sam was my first driving instructor and I made a good choice, she made me feel safe with my driving and helped me build confidence to pass my test first time. Not only is she a good instructor but also a very friendly person, and never got impatient when I made mistakes. I would recommend Sam as an instructor to anyone who is looking for lessons :)'



Vicki Wilkie (passed 1st time @ Winchester, 23/1/2013)

"Sam was my 3rd driving instructor and she helped me pass first time. We made positive progress in every lesson whilst also making sure I was confident with what I was doing. Sam was very patient with me if I made a mistake; we would go over what I did wrong calmly and she would explain why it happened. This really helped me feel prepared for my test if i did make a mistake. Sam is very friendly and positive so lessons don't feel like a chore. I highly recommend Sam to anyone who wants to feel confident and safe while driving - especially once you pass and you are driving alone!"


Calum Whittington (passed 1st time @ Winchester, 17/1/2013)

Sam was recommended to me through two of my friends and she was the right instructor to pick. She is very easy to get along with and will quickly pick up any weaknesses that arise and wont let them go until your doing it right :). With flexible lesson hours it was easy for me to pick the hours i wanted and pass quick! Thank you Sam! Will be seeing you for my Pass Plus!


Joe Battle (Passed @ Winchester,10/1/2013)

Sam was very easy to get on with and I felt at ease quickly. She made lessons fun while at the same time teaching me how to drive safely and calmly. I never felt rushed with Sam; she allowed me to learn at my own pace and gave me the confidence to cope with many different traffic conditions. Lessons were booked in advance to fit in with me and work. It’s  easy to say I looked forward to my driving lessons.

Pass plus was a good idea as I occasionally have to do long motorway journeys. Sam made this quick and enjoyable and it lowered my insurance premium. 



Melissa Morrison (passed @ Winchester, 7/12/2012)

Sam was a brilliant driving instructor who really helped me to build up my confidence on the road. She was very patient with me, bubbly and extremely friendly, all qualities that really put a learner at ease behind the wheel of a car. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Sam and felt that she was eager to help me progress through the stages of learning to drive. Sam's positive attitude encouraged me when I began to feel the pressure of friends passing before I did. Her determination was a key part in my confidence on the road; anything I struggled with, we would repeat until I was totally comfortable and felt I could do it without any help whatsoever. I would highly recommend Sam to any new learner and am very grateful to her for the confidence she showed to me throughout my time as a learner. Thank you so much Sam!!


Sade Ford (passed 1st time @ Winchester, 26/10/2012)

Sam was my first and only driving instructor, I had no reasons at all to go off with someone else. I started lessons when I was 17 for a few months however had to stop. When I finally decided to carry on at 19 Sam was the first person I thought to go with. She eases you gently into driving and then focuses on your weaknesses. Mine was bay parking so Sam had me go over it and over it until I eventually got the hang of it. Sam had confidence in me even when I didn't and if it weren't for that I would not have passed first time! Thanks Sam for everything and I could definitely recommend her for anyone. I know for sure I’ll be doing pass plus with Sam x x


Leanne Holden (Passed 1st time @ Winchester, 23/8/2012)

I had a bad experience with instructors before going to Sam. She greatly improved my confidence and allowed me to enjoy driving. I know that without her I would not have passed my test and may not have even continued to want to drive. Sam made every lesson enjoyable and made every experience as good as possible with her patient and calm demeanour. I would reccommend Sam to anyone wanting to learn how to drive in a calm and safe manner xxx



Christina Brasier (Passed @ Winchester, 21/8/2012)

I'd had two other driving instructors before I came to Sam and so came to her hating driving, not wanting to drive and not believing I could. Sam massively boosted my confidence! I passed my test last week and already feel confident to drive by myself all the way to Reading. She is nice and bubbly and patient, without her I think I would have given up on driving for good! Thank you Sam :) highly recommended!



Aidan Chaffey (Passed 1st time @ Winchester, 16/8/2012)

All the worries I had about learning to drive seemed to vanish every timeI got into Sam's car. After Putting off driving for a year, I was more than sure I could never pass, but then I found Sam. She made me feel relaxed and calm which was the exact environment I needed to learn in. Sam's lessons were structured in such a way that by the endof the lesson I gained all the confidence I needed for my next lesson and every lesson I learned something new; unless  I or Sam thought it needed improving. This meant every thing went on at a good pace and I felt I was getting a lot of use from a single lesson. Every lesson we took a different route which gave the lessons a lot of diversity, this meant I learned to cope with many situations I wouldn't have done if it was the same thing over and over. We would always have a chat about something so the lessons never got boring.  And to my amazement I passed my practical test first time! SomethingI never thought possible before starting with Sam.  On the day of th etest I was so surprised I wasn't nervous, in fact it was a big weight off my shoulders knowing that Sam had taught me everything I neededto know and that I had a shot at passing. Thank you so much Sam! Hope to see you on the roads soon :)


Nina Edwards (Passed @ Winchester, 24/7/2012)

I really enjoyed and looked forward to every driving lesson I had with Sam, she's such a patient person and always happy and chatty! No matter how many times I needed her to go over something that I was struggling with she would go over it until I could do it! Sam always made me feel confident and positive, and never pushed me into things that i wasnt ready for. I will definitely recommend Sam to anyone learning to drive knowing that they will enjoy their lessons as much as I did. I am looking forward to doing my pass plus with Sam very soon! Xxx


Sophie Edwards (Passed @ Winchester, 21/3/2012)

I always look forward to my driving lessons with Sam, they have always been relaxed, fun and certainly not boring or a 'drag', always the complete opposite. She has never rushed me to do anything I did not feel ready for, or felt worried about. She is very encouraging, supportive and gives you a huge amount of self confidence when driving, Sam also genuinely wants you to do well for you and because she believes you can, not for business or any other reason. Thank you so much for being an amazing instructor and I will defiantly be doing the pass plus course with you soon. Sophie X


Daisy Lowen-Smout (Passed @ Winchester, 15/3/2012)

I would recommend Sam for anyone wanting to learn to drive! I'd never even sat in the driver's seat before starting lessons but Sam put me at ease straight away. She's very patient and her lessons were always enjoyable. Even when I doubted myself and my driving, Sam always had confidence in me. I've now passed my test and, thanks to Sam, have the confidence to go out alone!



Rachel Flenley (Passed 1st time @ Winchester, 17/1/2012)

"Relying on a dodgy public transport service gets irritating very quickly, so I decided that it was high time I learnt to drive. Sam has been absolutely wonderful. Encouraging, funny and amazingly patient, she made me feel confident about my driving and was kind enough to put up with my random stories. I would recommend her absolutely, to anyone wanting to learn to drive. It is thanks to her that I can now bid late buses and cancelled trains good riddance!"



Frances Smith (Passed 1st time @ Winchester, 19/12/2011)

Sam is a wonderful driving instructor; she is always calm and never gets angry and I always looked forward to my lessons with her. She explains everything clearly and is always happy to go over points as many times as necessary. Sam is dedicated to her job and quickly helps you to feel confident when driving, she is always friendly and I really recommend her to anyone looking for lessons.



Mike Lydon (Passed @ Winchester, 15/12/2011)

Having spent many years avoiding my driving test after failing it 25 years ago I finally took the plunge and began learning again with Sam. I honestly never thought I'd pass my test and had resigned myself to a life of trains, taxis and buses. However pretty soon after beginning with Sam I actually started to believe that I could pass. I quickly realised it wasn't so much the techniques I was lacking in as the belief that I could actually pass my test. Sam pretty quickly put me straight on this and I passed first time with her. She has the patience of a saint and that rare ability to instil confidence and belief. I cannot recommend her highly enough.



 Emily Magennis-Prior (Passed @ Winchester, 15/11/2011)

"If you are worried about driving or are a nervous driver then all those worries will totally dissapear when your are in the car with Sam. She is such a friendly and patient driving instructor, who explains everything clearly and calmly, I never once felt under pressure or nervous in any of my lessons with her. Sam has such a bubbly personality , she is so easy to get along with therefore makes the lessons much easier and way more enjoyable! I know I can go to Sam with any questions or queries I have, shes amazing, a friend for life! I owe you so much Sam.. thankyou!x"


Sarah Chakraborty (Passed @ Winchester, 17/10/2011)

"When my confidence to drive was at an all time low and I thought I might just stop trying to learn to drive all together a friend recommended  Sam Watson. Not only did she make me feel at ease straight away she explained in a clear and precise way how to drive while all the while encouraging my confidence and gently correcting any mistakes made. Her car is a dream to drive and is always very clean, smart and tidy. My lessons became something to look forward to on a Saturday morning, Sam was always on time and very accommodating  as to when I could book my lessons. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sam to anyone wanting to learn to drive and  wish her every success in the future. "


Alex Illsley (Passed 1st time @ Winchester, 5/8/2011)

"Sam is an excellent driving instructor, she is truly dedicated to her job and getting you to pass your test. After having an experience with another instructor, I can say she is by far the best! She is very knowledgeable of her subject and well organized. She is also a very friendly and caring person.  I passed my driving test first time and I certainly would not have been able to achieve that without her."


Sam Leckie (Passed 1st time @ Winchester, 21/7/2011)

"Sam is fantastic instructor, from the word go she made me feel very comfortable and confident in what I was doing, although driving was completely new to me, I never felt put under pressure to get it right first time and she always made me feel good about myself even when I did something wrong. She has such a likeable, friendly and bubbly personality and is really easy going, much like myself, so we got on fantastically which when it comes to driving, being comfortable and relaxed is an important aspect. Sam was really accommodating when it came to arranging lesson times (or test times) and it was never too much trouble to shift lessons if I couldn't make it, also she was very flexible when it came to being picked up from various locations which made it easier especially around college times. Driving was my relaxation time during the week, I looked forward to the break from college work and being able to just chill out, having a good chat and comfortable driving lesson and without her I definitely would not have passed first time! I can't wait to go on and do pass plus with her as I know it will be just as great as my lessons were. Thank you Sam, you're the best!!"


Jemma Percy (Passed 1st time @ Winchester, 19/5/2011)

"Having previously not felt comfortable with other instructors, I got in contact with Sam who was "more than happy to help". She catered specifically to my requirements and never failed to impress me! Not only is she a dedicated, patient and caring instructor but has a bubbly and warm personality to match. I never dreaded my lessons and always felt comfortable! I couldn't have passed first time if it wasn't for Sam and would highly recommend her to anyone! Thank you so much for being such a great friend and instructor! "


Kirsty Trudgill (Passed @ Winchester, 12/5/2011

"Sam was an amazing driving teacher, she never shouted and always went through things calmly. Sam was the first driving teacher I had and to be honest I wouldn't of changed, always on time, always enjoyable lessons and she made things simple. I felt very comfortable driving with Sam and she could calm me down straight away if i got worked up. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for  stress free enjoyable lessons. Thanks Sam :)"



Nikki Parnell (Passed @ Winchester, 4/5/2011)

"In the past I had many bad experiences with driving instructors, I really didn’t enjoy driving at all, and dreaded having lessons. As soon as I had my first lesson with Sam I instantly felt comfortable with her and quickly began to love driving, I would look forward to my lessons and especially having a good chat with Sam as we were driving. She is such a fantastic instructor and I am so grateful for all her guidance and help. I will recommend her to anyone who is looking for lessons."



Gemma Twine
"Sam is an absolute legend, her bubbly and outgoing personality makes learning to drive so much more enjoyable and stress free. Her teaching technique's are clear and easy to learn from, making manouvers and roundabouts a breeze. I know she's always there if I have any queries, she'll be a friend for life. Thank you so much!x"



Owain Masters (Passed @ Winchester, 6/4/2011)

"I was a very nervous driver having already failed two tests. I had given up for several years when I decided to try again. Sam dramatically improved my driving  and built my confidence so that by the time of my third test I felt very comfortable in a car. We focused on my weak areas as well as all round driving practice. Sam is personable and sociable, being serious when neccessary and I would recommend her."



John Hannah 

Sam has a very friendly manner which puts you at ease throughout your lessons, and makes it easy for you to gain confidence even in the early stages when you may be feeling nervous. Sam always explained things with patience and understanding, and she was always there to give me the extra push if I needed it. I would, and have recommended Sam to both family and friends.” 


Jane Lawes (Passed @ Winchester, 10/2/2011)

"I am a very nervous person by nature and driving for me meant independence. After experience with two different instructors I still wasn’t comfortable going more than 10mph.  I thought that maybe driving wasn’t for me, then my fiancé begged me to just give it one more try, one random internet search later I found Sam and it all changed.  Sam allowed me to take my time and get comfortable in the driving seat but she still gently pushed me when I needed it, all the while keeping up a friendly and encouraging chat.  This was a winning combination for me, here I am less than 6 months later a fully qualified driver with the confidence to be out there doing it on my own, next stop anywhere I want, thank you Sam."


Jonnie Harding (Passed 1st time @ Winchester, 7/12/2010)

"Any worries i had before starting to drive were gone as soon as i got into the car with Sam. She made me feel instantly at ease and explained everything perfectly. Sams lessons were well structured and were adapted to suit what i needed to improve on rather than what i could already do, which made me feel that none of my time or money was wasted. We went out on a few different routes and would always have a chat about something so the lessons never got boring. Thankfully i passed first time and i put this all down to Sams lessons as i had no other means of practicing. When it came to the day of the test i was not that nervous as i knew Sam had taught me everything i needed to know and i knew how to do it all. Thanks again Sam for getting me through it and i hope to see you on the roads :)"


Michael Andrews (Passed 1st time @ Winchester, 22/11/2010)

 "For some, learning to drive can be a long, tedious and sometimes disheartening task. Not for me however. Me and Sam got along like good friends rather than teacher and pupil. And this made the whole experience much more enjoyable and gave me the confidence to pass my test first time without panic. As my test date drew closer, I recall losing confidence in myself and I was more prepared to fail than pass. However, Sam gave me the confidence I needed and constantly reassured me that I would do fine! And I did with 4 minors, which is really good!

I have no doubt that I would have done worse with another instructor on my test, if not failed. This is because a lot of instructors give you exact instructions and do not let you learn for yourself, which means when the unexpected occurs on your test (and it does often) you will not know how to react safely. Sam teaches you to think logically. She teaches you to identify your own mistakes, and how to correct them. Safe driving relies on common sense a logical thinking. That is why when you make a mistake, Sam will explain what you have done and why it is bad. Other instructors will just say "Oh you forgot to indicate at the third exit" or "You didn't check your right blind spot". Sam will explain why it is necessary to do these things, making you understand and respect these procedures.

Sam is also very open to questions and discussion. If you do not understand something, you can just ask! Also, if you (like me) think you are never wrong, you can discuss your opinion with Sam and better understand why you are actually wrong and then (like me) make up excuses as to why you made a mistake! "The sign was wrong" or "other people do it!" are old favourites! Now, you can probably tell I am joking around a bit here, which is good because it shows how you can easily have a laugh with Sam on lessons. I don't recall ever having a dull lesson with Sam. In fact, when I passed my test I was both happy and sad. I was happy because I could drive anywhere I wanted! But I was sad because my new insurance premium was sky high, but also because I wouldn't be able to have any more enjoyable lessons with Sam.

Although I'm an ex-student, I still see Sam every now and again and we always give each other a wave. We're friends after all!"


Jack Kirby (Passed 1st time @ Farnborough, 1/10/2010)

"Sam is a very good driving instructor. She makes lessons enjoyable and even though she is teaching, the lessons are fun and she makes you feel at ease.
This makes learning to drive a great experience. I passed first time which is a credit to Sam."


Stewart Palmer

"I was very apprehensive when it came to learning to drive hence i had put it off until i was 33 after a bad experience when i was 18. Thankfully Sam at Alton Driving School was calm and collected at all times taking any stress out of the whole experience, she even managed to make the lessons an enjoyable event. I have now passed and feel confident and self assured behind the wheel and am enjoying the freedom of driving. I can only highly recommend Sam Watson and Alton Driving School."


Charlie Plumb (Passed 1st time @ Basingstoke)

“Like many other young people, I wanted to past my driving test as quickly as possible. After having lessons and disputes with another instructor in the Alton area I decided to change to Sam. My test was booked and I was nowhere near prepared for it. Sam identified areas in which I needed to practice to pass first time and gave me the confidence and reasons as to why I needed to practice those specific manouvres. Sam is a very warm and caring person and has the sense of humour to match, I have every confidence in Sam’s ability to teach and always recommend her to younger friends that are seeking instruction. After passing my test first time, I returned to Sam to complete my Pass Plus which I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend it to any new driver.” 



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