Did you pass your test after 1 January 1997 but need to be able to tow a trailer!

  • Drivers who passed a car test on or after 1 January 1997 must pass an extra driving test to get entitlement to drive category B+E and all larger vehicles. Drivers of vehicles which fall into subcategories C1, C1+E, D1 and D1+E also have to meet higher medical standards.
Although I don't offer these lessons myself, I highly recommend Dymonds Advanced Driving School

Trailer refresher / intro

£150 for a 3 hour session

•General safety advice – trailer Loading , vehicle checks.

•Reversing techniques

•Coupling and Un-Coupling

•General awareness driving with a trailer


I Day Course based on 6 hours training £240.00

Suitable for somebody with previous experience but requires further training. Training is 1 to 1 and will cover all aspects of reversing


2 Day Course based on 12 hours         £395.00


3 Day Course based on 18 hours         £595.00


4 Day Course based on 24 hours         £780.00


5 Day Course based on 30 hours         £950.00

All course exclude test fees

Test fee £115 weekday booked through DSA 


Shaun Dymond

07771 968850 / 01329 847724