Do you want to learn to drive before you are 17?  Would you like to be the first young driver in your class? With off road lessons you are able to do this, in a controlled environment with a qualified driving instructor.

You'll be taught the controls of the car and some of the following topics depending on the individuals ability and the length of the lesson.

Topics that may be covered:

  • Controls of the car
  • Moving off and stopping 
  • Gear changing (up and down)
  • Steering
  • Junctions
  • Roundabouts
  • Turn in the Road
  • Left Reverse
  • Parallel Park
  • Bay Parking
If you are aged 10 to 17 and can’t wait to learn to drive, or if you would like to build your confidence before taking to the roads, then our driving school has the solution.

You can't get a provisional driving licence in the UK until you're 17 but if you're 10 or over, you can still learn to drive with Kidz Driving School.  We also specialise in driving lessons for kids under 17.  We also have experience of teaching children with learning and hearing difficulties to drive.

Some education can be made outside a classroom environment.  We aim to teach children the dangers of the road, by allowing them behind the wheel.  This makes them realise that cars can be dangerous not only for drivers but other road users as well.  Our driving lessons for kids helps to teach the basic skills of driving, trying to build confidence before starting on road driving lessons.   Although our les
sons are educational, we also make them fun in a relaxed environment.  Learning to drive before you are 17 is a good way of preparing to go on public roads when you turn 17. Starting the learning process early helps young drivers to become safe drivers for life. Although under 17 driving lessons are an ideal birthday or Christmas gift, a course of lessons can put someone approaching their 17th birthday ahead of their friends. Regular lessons on the off-road track increase young people’s car control and road awareness, resulting in them being closer to passing their practical test by already starting the learning process.  A recent study in Sweden showed that teaching drivers at an earlier age reduced accident rates by a staggering 40%.

If you are based in the Aldershot, Alton, Basingstoke, Bordon, Cranleigh, Crawley, Farnborough, Farnham and Guildford area, our site is easily accessible for you.  Although the site is in Surrey we are very close to the Hampshire border.  So for under 17 driving lessons in Hampshire and Surrey, call us now to be the first young driver in your class and learn to drive before you are 17!

I also have experience in teaching people with learning difficulties including autism and hearing difficulties.

Driveb4ur17 lessons are the ideal present for those young drivers of the future!